Catering equipment for Pubs

Pub Catering Equipment

Pubs, particularly pubs that serve food or provide accommodation, require equipment and appliances from the whole product range offered by Catering Appliance Superstore, from kitchen equipment right across to disposables and cleaning. Within those main categories, however, there are specific pieces of catering equipment that are more appropriate for use in a pub environment.

Commercial kitchen equipment for pubs needs to be extremely durable, tough enough to withstand a hard use environment and to last long years of faithful service. It also needs to be versatile - many public houses are very old buildings, and unless they were an inn or hotel were probably not designed for serving meals other than a simple hotpot, a sandwich or the occasional pork pie. Their kitchens therefore tend to be small, but modern pubs still need to offer a good range of food, which is difficult with limited space - multifunctional cooking appliances are often preferred. Fryers, grills and griddles, large capacity ovens with burner tops and commercial microwaves are the basic staples of a pub kitchen, with voluminous cold storage provided by cold rooms, upright fridges and freezers, and chest freezers.

Out front of house, drinks service in your pub will require bar bottle coolers or bottle bins, ice machines, and beverage equipment if you want to serve fresh fruit juices, smoothies or cocktails.

If you have accommodation then we can provide laundry equipment such as washers and dryers, and in-room facilities for tea making like tea and coffee sets, crockery and kettles.

Keeping pubs spick and span, and your employees looking as smart as possible, is of course an important part of running a popular pub business. Browse our disposables and cleaning section, and our clothing, aprons and footwear section, to find everything you need to do just that.

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