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We offer 30 day accounts for public sector organisations

Public Sector Orders and Support Services

We understand that in many ways procurement in the public sector can be a more challenging proposition than it is in the private sector. Procurement managers in government agencies and government funded bodies, such as the emergency services, healthcare trusts, educational facilities and correctional facilities, must demonstrate value for taxpayers money and a completely transparent tendering process, particularly for high value contracts.

Like in the largest corporations, life in public sector organisations tends to be complex, and a common approach to combating this is to adopt a single standard for end to end processes like purchasing and logistics, across all suppliers. This "single process" will vary between organisations, and Catering Appliance Superstore understand that the onus should be on the supplier to adapt to each public sector agency's preferences.

We're very willing to enter into discussions regarding streamlining procurement processes in a Service Level Agreement, making an ongoing relationship easier, and if need be we will structure the management of your account to join up correctly with the right touchpoints in your procurement chain. Our friendly, knowledgeable and highly trained customer service desk will document and script the process so that you get consistency of service on each call or website order.

We are pleased to offer public sector organisations alternative payment options for their catering equipment orders. We offer 30 day accounts on all orders for the following public sector categories:

  • County Councils
  • Health Authorities
  • Local Authorities
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Government Organisations, Local or National
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities

We have a good idea of the types of equipment that these environments are likely to need, and over time have expanded our product offering to further support the requirements of the public sector. Cost effective catering for employees (canteen and breakroom equipment) and for customers (restaurants and cafes in public spaces) needs to be competitively priced, robust, easy to clean and simple to use.


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