Catering equipment for Public sectors

Public sector organisations such as county and district councils, health authorities, local authorities, the Ministry of Defence, the police force, fire services and many others have wide ranging catering requirements, from simple staff rooms to large scale canteens. Catering Appliance Superstore works with many local and national government organisation to provide appropriate and cost effective catering appliances and equipment.

For office staff rooms and small self service kitchens, our range of water boilers, coffee machines, fridges, toasters and dishwashers are the most popular categories.

On the other hand, if you are a public sector organisation providing manned kitchen facilities, whether that is a small canteen or a large mess hall, you will require more heavy duty cooking equipment such as commercial ovens and grills, and a range of other appliances from deep freezers to pass through dishwashers and even laundry facilities.

Choose from the public sector sub categories below for more specific advice on suitable appliances for your particular organisation.

Don't forget, public sector organisations have a lot more flexibility when it comes to payment terms. We offer 30 day accounts to fit in with - see our public sector order page for more information on setting up your account.

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