Catering equipment for Armed forces

Armed Forces Catering Equipment

We receive many orders from the armed forces detailing requirements for a broad range of catering equipment, from simple appliances for self service kitchens through to heavy duty cooking, refrigeration and cleaning appliances suitable for canteens and mess halls.

For Ministry of Defence canteens and mess halls serving personnel in active service, we are often told service efficiency and nutritional value of a small but tasty range of choices are priorities over being able to cook a broad range of dishes to order.

Most cooking is completed on site from raw materials, and preparing large quantities of fresh ingredients requires reliable, heavy duty prep appliances like multifunctional food processors, food slicers and prep machines, as well as more specialised appliances like potato peelers and potato chippers.

Choosing straightforward, powerful cooking appliances like solid top ranges, gas and electric atmospheric steamers, rugged grills and hobs for extra capacity will provide a good core of versatile cooking equipment. Steamed food is easily cooked in bulk and retains nutritional value excellently. Complementing your main appliances with rice cookers and pasta boilers will make cooking carbohydrate staples very easy, and rice machines have the advantage of doubling up as hot holding units.

To serve meals to all personnel quickly during meal times, a good range of hot holding equipment such as bain maries and hot cupboards will be needed, possibly augmented with chip scuttles and heated service displays.

Although cost effectiveness is a consideration, many armed forces customers prioritise rugged construction, performance and ease of maintenance and cleaning over just low price. We always recommend opting for manufacturers with good "as-standard" warranty options on their products, and opting for a brand's preimum range (such as Opus for Lincat, or Ecomax for Hobart, for instance) can provide further assurance.

As public sector organisations, the armed forces have access to Catering Appliance Superstore's more flexible payment terms - please see our public sector order page for more information on setting up your account for 30 day payment terms.

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