Catering equipment for Prisons

Prison Catering Equipment

Catering is an important but demanding element to prison care, and setting up an effective and safe kitchen environment requires careful consideration. Providing good quality, healthy food for prisoners is a key part of maintaining order and control within prisons and correctional facilities, and a diverse prisoner population with variation in dietary requirements introduces the need for versatility in a kitchen.

In the main, catering services are provided by specialist catering contractors, but some equipment may be used by prisoners in the preparation of meals, and if this is a case in a particular prison then simple operation and built in safety features are highly desirable.

Rugged, multipurpose preparation equipment like commercial food mixers, processors, slicers and prep machines are popular with many prisons, combined with a good range of refrigeration and freezing options so a lot of meal components can be produced in bulk and stored for the week ahead, or longer.

Cooking equipment does not need to be elaborate in a prison environment but it should be tough and reliable. Check the warranty options offered "as standard" on staple items like quality commercial ovens and microwaves, and extra boiling tops if required. Consider adding commercial grills or griddles for extra flexiblity, as these are good general purpose quick cooking items with good capacity. Rice cookers and pasta boilers to your cookline will allow you to easily produce carbohydrates for your meals.

One of the specific challenges in prisons is mobile hot holding, easily resolved with a mobile hot cupboards, with space in the cabinet for plated meals and side dishes in the bain maries above. Check our our range of insulated delivery options for extra flexibility.

Catering Appliance Superstore can also stock laundry equipment, washing up equipment and general cleaning equipment to support your cleaning and maintenance regime.

Finally, remember to have a look at our public sector order page for information on setting up flexible 30 day payment terms.

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