Catering equipment for Residential homes

Residential Home Catering Equipment

Residential care homes provide round the clock care for the elderly, infirm or others who require supported living. Nutritious and tasty food and beverage catering in residential homes is an essential part of that support, and an appropriately equipped commercial kitchen is a core resource for a care centre.

It will be necessary to equip the kitchen with versatile cooking equipment that can be used to produce a good range of meals, with different options each day. A commercial oven with built in hobs, one or more grills or griddles, microwaves and a good range of preparation equipment are excellent building blocks for a flexible kitchen. Atmopsheric steamers are good options to provide healthy cooking, as they maintain nutritional content very well, and items such as pasta boilers and rice cookers are great for producing large quantities of carbohydrate staples with very little effort. Hot holding equipment like bain maries, heat lamps and hot cupboards will help keep food at best temperature and quality during mealtime service, and narrow wheeled heated units like the Lincat P6B2 will allow you to deliver hot food service to residents in their accommodation.

Preparing and storing as much as possible on site will keep costs down and help you keep better control of food quality, and ensuring you have sufficient cold storage will make it easy to prepare ingredients efficiently in bulk and store them for meals to come.

Commercial water boilers, coffee machines and beverage service equipment will be required to keep residents supplied with hot drinks, and an appropriate range of laundry equipment, cleaning equipment and disposables and smart but comfortable staff uniforms will ensure the residential home amenity level is maintained to a high standard by well presented staff.

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