Catering equipment for Schools

School Catering Equipment

Catering Appliance Superstore understands that commercial catering equipment used in schools needs to be robust, efficient, straightforward to operate and to maintain, and that it must be cost effective. Food and drink service is not the primary business of schools and so school budgets for catering, and particularly catering facilities, tend more towards the minimum requirement to do a good job, rather than spending more to compete with mainstream catering businesses.

Many of our school customers order bulk preparation equipment like mixers, food processors and veg prep machines; high capacity ovens, atmospheric steamers, bain maries, or hot cupboards; and double doored fridges, freezers and chest freezers. We find schools are looking for catering appliances that can deliver quick prep, high volume cooking, and good hot holding that maintains the quality of food over the whole lunchtime period.

Integrated hot holding service counters and other heated food cabinets are also popular, as they keep the food directly where it is being served and help the lunch queue move at a steady pace, as are items like rice cookers, potato bakers and soup kettles as they provide both cooking and hot holding options in one and can also be positioned close to point of service.

Crockery and cutlery is not generally disposable in schools, and a high volume dishwasher such as a pass through dishwasher or even a rack conveyor will be needed for schools of a decent size.

If you have any questions about the most suitable products for your school, please do get in touch using our handy website chat function. Don't forget to make use of our quote system when shopping for several products, so we can offer you the best price possible.

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