Catering equipment for Colleges

College Catering Equipment

As with most commercial kitchens operating in an educational facility, colleges need to deliver healthy, tasty meals to a large student population in a high volume peak service period. Although there is sometimes more flexibility in colleges in terms of when students may choose to eat, there is still a definite "lunchtime rush." Only items that are very quick to prepare can be offered as "to order" items, and the lions share of the menu offering needs to be cooked before service and hot held on the servery line, or cooked in batches during service and transferred to hot holding (in the case of chips and other fried foods, for instance).

Good cooking options for colleges are one or more multifunctional commercial ovens, with extra hobs if required, rice machines, pasta boilers, atmospheric steamers, and high efficiency fryers. Preparing raw ingredients at volume before cooking can be made much more efficient with the right array of processing equipment, from mincers to food graters, food mixers to food slicers. A few multipurpose food processors with different blade attachments will allow you to be flexible when prepping, without having dozens of different pieces of equipment.

The serving line in a college canteen will need a large volume of effective hot storage options, such as bain maries, hot cupboards, ambient and heated food display merchandisers, as well as some cold storage units like serve over counters and multideck displays (good for self service drinks and pre-packaged sandwiches).

Finally, you'll certainly need some high capacity dishwashing machines for the aftermath of service - we recommend a pass through system or rack conveyor to handle the washing up as quickly as possible (a drop down hood model is particularly good for bulky pots and pans).

If you're purchasing more than one appliance, check out our quote system; just input your requirements to allow us offer the best total basket price possible.

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