Catering equipment for Fish and chip shops

A fish and chip shops' major piece of catering equipment is of course the fryer, or fryers, and any ancillary equipment such as chip scuttles. Because fish and chip shops are so reliant on these particular appliances, we strongly recommend a high capacity, efficient premium product like the Lincat OG7107, or Falcon G3865.

Fish and chip shops also generally have a requirement for hot holding of sauces and gravy, for which a bain marie is perfect, and a hot cabinet above or near the fryer for keeping food hot once it is removed from the oil. Catering Appliance Superstore stock potato peelers and potato chippers, so you can be self sufficient in chip production and keep your ingredient costs down. For refrigeration and freezing, look no further than the great ranges we have available from trusted manufacturers like Gram, Polar, Foster and Blizzard.

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Other options you may wish to consider if you are looking to expand your range are heated pie cabinets, or to both cook and hot-hold pizzas in one handy unit, browse our range of upright heated merchandisers with built in ovens.

Pie Cabinets Pie Cabinets Upright Heated Merchandisers with Ovens Upright Heated Merchandisers with Ovens

Many fish and chip shops also retail freshly made sandwiches, cold drinks and other snacks, for which a glass door display fridge, multideck refrigeration display or refrigerated serve over counter will be perfect.

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Finally, don't forget we also supply a full range of condiments and sauces, takeaway containers and disposable tableware.

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