Catering equipment for Mobile catering

Mobile Catering Catering Equipment

Mobile catering businesses can come in many forms. Your business may operate from a vehicle such as a van or trailer, in which equipment is positioned or built in place, or your entire kitchen may be assembled at a customer site and then disassembled and removed for storage once the catering function is over. You might have a very light footprint mobile catering service, offering mainly cold snacks or a limited selection of hot dishes, or you may be providing three or four course silver service dinners within a marquee or other grand space.

Similarly, your catering operation may undertake most cooking in an ordinary commercial kitchen and simply need a few pieces of catering equipment for storage and transportation, reheating and hot and cold holding. On the other hand you might prepare everything from raw ingredients you have brought with you in the middle of a muddy festival field.

Catering Appliance Superstore understands the specialist requirements of mobile caterers, and the fact that there is significant variation within the mobile catering sector of the hospitality industry.

We have many mobile cooking options such as electric and gas counter top fryers, chargrills, griddles and hobs, countertop rice cookers, small combination microwave ovens, potato bakers, popcorn makers, crepe makers, electric induction hobs and soup kettles. In terms of preparation equipment, it's often a good idea for a mobile caterer to invest in a small number of powerful, compact multipurpose devices. A good food processor with a selection of blade attachments will be able to shred, slice, knead, grind, chop, pulverise, mash and grate.

You'll also need mobile hot holding options, and we have counter top bain maries in gas and electric, and electric heated gantries and food display merchandisers.

One of the trickest things to handle is mobile cold storage. If you have access to power then a small countertop fridge or a refrigerated countertop servery might do the trick, but we also stock insulated food storage for situations where there is no electricity.

When you're deciding what to buy, be clear on your power constraints - will you be using propane gas tanks, and will you have access to an electrical connection, and if so how much capacity is there? We stock most gas cooking appliances as a propane option, and we have plenty of electric-only cooking appliances that perform just as well as their gas equivalents.

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