Catering equipment for Primary Schools

Primary School Catering Equipment

Catering Appliance Superstore provides equipment for primary schools across the UK, and through helping school kitchen managers and school leaders make hundreds of considered purchases, we have come to understand many of the particular pressures and requirements of commercial kitchens in educational facilities.

Bulk preparation of large quantities of ingredients requires reliable, heavy duty equipment like commercial food processors or slicers. These appliances must be versatile to meet the need to provide variety for pupils, and to help school kitchens with that our veg prep machine range can be configured to slice, grate, dice, chip and more, offering flexibility in ingredient processing and a greater range of possible recipes - check out the Robot Coupe range.

Once ingredients have been prepared, they must be cooked and stored healthily, particularly in light of the government's policy on nutritious free school meals for infants as part of giving all children a healthy start in life. Steaming is a fantastic option - it's easily achievable in bulk, you can steam many different kinds of foods together, and the nutritional content of food is maintained.

If your school kitchen intends to serve rice frequently, look at our range of purpose built rice cookers - able to cook perfect fluffy rice automatically and fast enough to top up your hot held rice partway through service so it's completely fresh, or even act as the hot holding unit itself once cooking is complete, saving space. They're also good for cooking pasta or other staples.

Once everything has been prepped and cooked, there is another challenge - meals must be served within a single service session of an hour or only slightly more, placing an extraordinary demand on the kitchen for hot and cold food holding along the servery line.

Catering Appliance Superstore can provide school kitchens with effective hot and cold holding appliances and units that maintain the temperature and quality of your food right down to the last pupil to get served. Check out our range of bain maries, hot cupboards, scuttles, serve over counters and heated displays.

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