Catering equipment for Tearooms

Tearoom Catering Equipment

Tearooms, as you might imagine, have a requirement to serve a lot of tea! And of course, coffee, hot chocolate, cold drinks, cakes, sandwiches and other meals.

A reliable, high capacity commercial waterboiler will be the cornerstone and workhorse of your business - we strongly recommend you choose an automatic fill machine from a supplier with confidence in their own product (as indicated by the product warranty they're willing to offer). Beverage making equipment and beverage service equipment are also popular categories for our tearoom customers, and food display merchandisers are used by some to showcase homemade cakes and sandwiches.

Each tea room kitchen is different, but our advice is to opt for good multifunctional units that can can be used to prepare a variety of things without taking up too much space. Take a look at grills and griddles, small commercial ovens with boiling tops, and perhaps even a small countertop fryer if you'd like to be able to serve a few chips. For cold storage a combined fridge freezer will save floor space, or a single door fridge and a single door freezer if you need a little more space.

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