Catering equipment for Thai takeaways

Thai Takeaway Catering Equipment

Thai food is incredibly popular in the UK, although there are perhaps not as many takeaways specialising in Thai food as Cantonese or Indian takeaways. Thai cuisine has an emphasis on light dishes with strong, carefully balanced flavours and spices, with complex combinations being brought together into one harmonious overall taste. There are a broad selection of dish types from curries to battered vegetables, noodles, rice dishes and salads.

Like any takeaway business, a Thai restaurant can expect most trade to take place in the evenings and at the weekends, with extremes of variation in numbers of customers. Catering Appliance Superstore understands that faced with this, a kitchen needs to have exactly the right balance of equipment to meet that sudden increase in demand.

Getting ahead on preparation with multipurpose food processors, blenders, graters and vegetable prep machines will make a huge difference, and production of sauces and condiments in large quantities will require an oven with built in boiling tops, or even additional hob capacity. Woks are heavily used in Thai cooking and a commercial oven with a solid top may suit this kind of cooking more, not to mention increase your overall hob capacity.

The right cold storage for prepared ingredients will depend on the space you have to spare, and we can offer a full range of fridges and freezers in single and double door, upright, under or over counter options. Hot holding in wet or dry heat bain maries makes perfect sense for common ingredients and sauces required over the course of an entire service session. If you deliver takeaway food, then take a look at hot holding equipment suitable for transport, and for both delivery and collection service options see our range of takeaway containers, cutlery, and sauce dishes.

Any commercial takeaway can also make use of good quality combination microwaves, allowing most cold stored ingredients to be brought back to temperature quickly but without affecting quality. Depending on your menu, grills and fryers may also be required, and automatic rice cookers will come in very handy - they automatically switch to hot holding once the rice has been cooked to perfection. Other specialist appliances, such as pasta boilers (which can also be used for noodles) and soup kettles for hot holding of clear soups and broths, may help you deliver quick service during peak trading.

We can provide a full range of takeaway containers, cutlery and sauce dishes, and finally of course there is the washing up to consider. We stock an excellent range of dishwashers, including high capacity passthrough systems that can fit large pots and pans used in bulk preparation.

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