Catering equipment for Boarding schools

Boarding School Catering Equipment

Schools that provide boarding facilities, notably public schools or private schools, possibly divided into separate school houses, require good quality, long lasting catering equipment that can service a student and staff population seven days a week, from first thing in the morning to last thing at night, or even 24 hours a day in some cases. Many of the core equipment requirements of private schools will hold true for boarding schools also, although of course there is a lot of variation between schools so it is difficult to make generalisations.

In addition to the high capacity commercial ovens, large volume cold storage, and hot holding service equipment required for an intense peak trade lunchtime service, boarding schools will also require equipment suitable for cooked breakfast service, laundry facilities, and possibly equipment suitable for self catering kitchens for older students and also for live in staff.

Breakfast equipment suitable for high volume service can be centred around sufficient numbers of large surface area griddles, commercial toasters, high capacity commercial microwaves, hot water boilers, and also making use of the boiling tops on a school kitchen's ovens, or installing additional hobs if required.

Catering Appliance Superstore can provide a full range of laundry appliances for boarding schools, from washing machines to dryers, as well as ironing presses to handle large linen items such as bedclothes and tablecloths.

If self catering equipment is required, consider compact, multifunctional, easy to use appliances such as combined fridge freezers, combination microwave ovens, and salamander grills or countertop chargrills.

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