Catering equipment for Charities

Charity Catering Equipment

Catering equipment for charitable work like soup or street kitchens, drop in centres, hostels or even just catering facilities for charity staff can be anything from cooking equipment to furniture to uniforms.

Charities are of course supported primarily by donations from the general public, with an expectation that as much of that donated money as possible will go directly towards helping those in need, so charities need to be extra careful with capital expenditure and ensuring value for money. Catering Appliance Superstore are proud to be extremely competitive on price and will always do our best to match or beat any competitor.

For charity staffroom equipment, we recommend you start by looking at waterboilers, toasters, countertop hobs, ovens, microwaves, dishwashers and fridge freezers, or simply browse the product categories on the main site if you know exactly what you need.

If your charity is one of the dozens in the UK who provides a much needed catering service to people in need, we anticipate that you will be searching for robust, simple, easy to maintain and cost effective equipment. A larger six burner commercial oven, bain maries, rice cookers, potato bakers, pasta boilers, atmospheric steamers, high powered microwaves or combination microwaves, are great places to start - they cook simple, healthy staples with a minimum of fuss.

A rugged, high capacity dishwasher is also something you might be interested in, and don't forget we can also supply catering clothing, and tough folding furniture if you make use of a space which has other functions as well, such as a community centre or religious building.

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