Catering equipment for Clubs

Club Catering Equipment

There are hundreds of different types of clubs in the UK, from youth clubs to social clubs, rotary clubs, political clubs and supporters clubs. Where a club meets in a regular venue or is large enough to have its own clubhouse, some catering facilities are usually required to prepare simple refreshments for meetings and lunches, or even when using club premises to provide catering for a dinner or other larger event.

A good clubhouse kitchen should have versatile facilities mainly tailored towards providing hot beverages and light snacks for general meetings, but which can also gear up to larger catering events if required. A four or six burner commercial oven, or a combination of counter top hobs and grills or griddles, with microwaves, a hot water boiler and a filter coffee machine are excellent starting points.

You'll also probably require some form of refrigeration, possibly a freezer if you cater regularly and wish to store a reasonable stock of food on site - a combined fridge freezer is a good compromise if you have limited space. Whether you opt for a dishwasher or not depends how willing your members are to do the washing up, of course.

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