Catering equipment for Secondary schools

Secondary School Catering Equipment

Catering Appliance Superstore supplies reliable, efficient catering equipment to secondary schools nationwide, and our experience in providing for school kitchens has given us a great insight into the pressures of school catering and the equipment requirements of commercial kitchens in educational facilities.

Being able to prepare large quantities of fresh ingredients is often a key requirement for schools, who need to keep dish costs down by doing as much prep as possible in house, without increasing the labour involved. Reliable, heavy duty equipment from multifunctional food processors, slicers and veg prep machines to more focused appliances like potato peelers and chippers can lighten the load considerably.

Healthy cooking in schools is essential for growing children and teenagers, and is ever more in the public eye. Steaming is a fantastic option, being easily achievable in bulk with gas and electric atmospheric steamers, in which many different kinds of foods can be cooked together without loss of nutritional value. Rice cookers and pasta boilers are great appliances for perfectly cooked carbohydrate staples (pasta boilers can also cook noodles), and also have the advantage of doubling up as hot holding units.

One of the main challenges schools face is the time limit on service, a set lunch period which must fit around an academic timetable. Meals must be served promptly and the lunch queue kept moving, so cooking to order is not really an option. A good range of hot holding equipment from bain maries to hot cupboards can keep a variety of food items hot throughout service, topped up as required, and will be doubly effective if as much equipment as possible is located on the servery line - look at chip scuttles, serve over counters and heated displays.

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