Catering equipment for Train stations

Train Station Catering Equipment

Catering facilities at train stations vary widely, from sandwich shops and small kiosk operations to full food courts containing several cafes, fast food restaurants or even table service restaurants.

Train station catering businesses share a high cost per square foot for the space they occupy, particularly at mainline connecting stations, and even the larger catering businesses at rail terminals will generally find their kitchens smaller than similar businesses elsewhere. The other common factor is that service must be very swift - by the nature of the location, customers will not want to hang around. Compact, rapid cook appliances such as commercial microwaves, combination ovens and convection ovens, as well as clever hot holding solutions like food warming drawers and hot cupboards, will help with this.

Attracting customers in the hurly burly of a busy train station can be difficult, especially when there is a lot of competition, and effective merchandising through heated display, cold display and cabinet displays can help your products stand out and generate you more business. Having a good range of pre-packaged items available is also a definite advantage in this area, and we can supply a good range of packaging for sandwiches, salads and other over-the-counter food and drink items.

Tea and coffee is obviously a prime product range for busy commuters, particularly in the mornings, and good quality water boilers and coffee machines are core products for transport catering. Look for appliances with good temperature recovery to ensure you can keep up with demand.

For larger restaurants, review the appropriate restaurant or fast food categories for relevant advice on suitable appliances, but bear in mind that slimline versions of many appliances are available, for example narrow profile fridges and fryers.

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