Catering equipment for Transport sector

Transport Sector Catering Equipment

Catering equipment for the transport sector covers the full range of products offered by Catering Appliance Superstore - appliances are of course required in-vehicle, such as trucks, trains, ferries, ships, and private and commercial aeroplanes, but the majority of catering within the transport sector takes place at transport hubs such as rail stations, airports, bus stations, and roadside service stations.

With the exception of perhaps ships and ferries, where there is a reasonable amount of space for a more conventional kitchen, in-vehicle catering equipment needs to be extremely compact and either deliver great cooking speed and power, maintain the temperature and quality of hot food with minimum heat loss, or be geared towards ambient temperature pre-packaged foods liks sandwiches, salads and pastries. Commercial microwaves, combination microwave ovens and combination ovens are all favoured in transport for rapid cooking in a self contained unit that contains most cooking smells and vapours (important in an enclosed space). Dry heat food holding like fixed food warming drawers or mobile hot cupboards for aisle service are popular for in-vehicle service.

At transport hubs like airports and train stations, there is often slightly more room but space is still at a premium (quite literally, as square footage rates of such high footfall areas can be more expensive than city centre rates). Compact options such as those described above are still important, perhaps with the addition of quick cook convection ovens and self contained "extras" like soup kettles or rotisseries. Merchandising is also important, either hot display or cold display. Of course, some transport hub businesses are full blown fast food restaurants with plenty of space - see the equipment for fast food service page for equipment guides.

We can provide a good range of takeaway containers for takeaway options, as well as disposable cutlery. Take a look at the categories within this section for further advice on good options for particular transport sector catering businesses.

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