Catering equipment for Airports

Airport Catering Equipment

Catering Appliance Superstore provides catering appliances and equipment to in-house airport catering teams and to franchised catering businesses situated within airport lounges. While airports overall are large facilities, the space allocated to some of the retail units is often quite restricted, and positioning of retail units around other elements of the concourse building may leave some catering operations with unconventional floor plans and layouts.

There is great variation in modern airport catering, from fast food chains to independent cafes, table service restaurants to bar service "pub style" businesses. The different types of business have their own particular appliance requirements, discussed on their relevant sector pages, but to account for the space constraints within airport units you may need to be more creative with the options you select and spend more time planning how it will all fit together. For example, when looking at refrigeration, consider slim single door units, or those which double up as worksurfaces or prep counters. Similarly, instead of opting for a combined oven and hobs, you could consider convection ovens without hobs and stack or rack mount them, and then position countertop hobs elsewhere. Many convection ovens have the additional benefit of doubling up as hot holding appliances, too, and other multifunctional appliances like food processors, grills and griddles are desirable for their versatility too.

In all cases, service must be swifter than the equivalent business outside of a transport hub, as customers may be anxious to catch their flights or meet arriving friends and family. For fast food restaurants this may simply mean increasing the capacity of their fryers, grills and griddles to maximise production, whereas for coffee shops, cafes and bars it may mean a greater emphasis on rapid cook appliances such as commercial microwaves and combination ovens. For over the counter operations, using hot merchandisers and cold merchandisers is a good way of attracting customers in a highly competitive arena, and also helps save space by combining display with storage.

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