Catering equipment for Education

Education Catering Equipment

Educational facilities like schools, colleges, universities and adult learning centres have quite particular catering equipment needs, to meet very high demand for tasty, healthy meals in a short space of time.

Catering Appliance Superstore have equipped hundreds of satisfied educational customers, because of our highly competitive pricing but also due to our understanding of the nature of catering in this environment. The provision of catering services to students and faculty generally involves preparation of many raw ingredients in-house, in order to reduce dish costs and ensure control of quality and nutrition, so effective bulk preparation equipment will be required - mixers, food processors and veg prep machines tend to be popular with our schools customers.

Food service in schools, colleges and other education facilities involves a very distinct "peak trading" period, even more pronounced than some of the busiest city centre fast food takeaways; either a single lunch hour or only slightly longer. There is generally no time to cook to order, as the lunch queue needs to be kept moving at a steady pace. We tend to find schools place less emphasis on catering appliances like microwaves, grills or griddles aimed at quick service or reheating, instead opting for batch cooking and hot holding equipment.

High capacity ovens, atmospheric steamers, bain maries and hot cupboards are all popular with academic catering teams for their ability to turn around enough portions of the day's options and then maintain the quality and temperature of food over the whole lunch service. Effective service counters and other heated merchandisers help by placing the food directly where it is being served, and with vending of individual baked products like pies or pastries.

Schools also require a lot of refrigeration and freezing capacity, and we generally advise cold rooms or freezer rooms if fitting out a new kitchen and if space allows, or double doored fridges, freezers and chest freezers if not.

Unlike other high volume food service operations, crockery and cutlery is not generally disposable in school canteens, so one or more high volume dishwashers will certainly be required - we'd generally advise a pass through dishwasher or even a rack conveyor dishwasher.

If you are looking for great catering equipment for schools, colleges, academies and universities, at great value and from a trusted supplier who understands your needs, then look no further. Don't forget to make use of our quote system when shopping for several products, and we'll help you get the best deal we can.

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