Catering equipment for Takeaways

The requirements of takeaways for commercial catering equipment are often focused around delivering consistent quality during an intense, high volume peak trading period. Takeaways are often (but not always) busier during the evenings, and production and service (either over the counter or home delivery) needs to keep up with a spike in demand during this time.

To achieve this, many takeaway restaurants offer a very broad choice, but ensure the menu is constructed in a way that prep activities in the run up to service can be undertaken in bulk, by utilising many shared ingredients across dishes. As much as possible in done up front and then either cold stored or, if time until service is not very far away, hot held. The takeaway restaurant can then produce dishes to order very quickly.

Preparation equipment required will depend on the type of food being made, but certainly it is worth investing in heavy duty appliances, and if you run a reasonably large takeaway, rather than opting for multifunctional devices it may make more sense to choose specialised equipment, like food graters and potato chippers.

Your cookline, as with most catering operations, is likely to focus around one or more rugged commercial ovens with built in hobs (gas or electric). To handle the volume of pre-cooking you may need to do, you might want to increase your boiling top capacity with extra countertop hobs, and add grills and griddles for use during service. Wet or dry heat bain maries, hot cupboards, combination microwaves, ordinary microwaves and convection ovens will also be extremely useful during service for keeping hot or quick reheating.

Large volume of refrigeration and freezing can be provided by double doored fridge and freezer units, chest freezers, or even cold rooms and freezer rooms if you have the space.

We can also provide a full range of hot holding equipment suitable for delivery.

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